The Scalpel

A name, a title, a profession, years of training, re training, in order to carry out, the most vital of operations, on your body, your life in the hands, of the one who yields the scalpel. The years of staying put, not the high life many assume, tedious book work, the cost of training, overcome now, by the cost of insurance, no bad days allowed, the threat of the lawyer, the shark on the reef, willing to take a bite, whatever, so many depend on the scalpel to survive.

The name recalls a memory, the laughter on the face, the patient will be there before me, the heavens that is, the patient smiles years later, how did you manage to save me, the wonder of the memory, one small town, one global recovery.

Solomon sighed, the effort of the few to maintain the services many depend upon, while the get even types harass for their cut of the booty, had any of them committed themselves to a life of service, in order to preserve the light in others, Solomon smiled. The one in ten as Jesus says, who are grateful, and the angst those go through, in order to rule over others, did they know, the heavenly inheritance, he sighs, the signs keep on coming, amen.

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