The Men Issue

The mother sighs, the children are in their care, their focus, the children. The men, the verdict, Paul Newman, the movie, what a payout, the look on the face of the para legal, does it come with added charges, the big yippee.

The slight of women, the depression of the mother, the female, the hardness it creates in the space where love is supposed to live, the fear that the mother has to endure, the threat to her children,. what can she do, she loves them the way a lioness loves her cubs, will do anything the defend them, she is powerless, when there is a greater threat to them, herself.

The male lead society, in particular, those that form alliances based on the male sex, has had such a harmful affect on the well being of the Spirit everywhere, and the Great God of The Eternal World is asking serious questions. Who is responsible for this loss of Spirit. Those who work, to help open this dark hold of the evil threat, need not worry, but those inside, who flourish at the misery of others, need to take into account, the fate of those, who abuse the eternal gifts, and drown the loving Spirit. The signs appear to remind all, that the owner of the Vineyard is getting rather anxious, and has power that no one can reprimand. So Solomon read the story, of the two vineyards, listen if you have ears, amen.

Children want to grow up in the world, as they are supposed to, and not fast tracked and abused emotionally, amen.

As for those that cause the harvest to be less than it should be, listen.

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