The Spirit defends

Rules, regulations, is there anyway to trap him, the more laws, the more traps, those used to controlling others, have raised the interest of the Almighty, well, a loving father does at times, look in on the progress of the children, there being, so many weird minds out there, even in Heaven they notice, those sly tricks, the little habits, the about turns, the choices, the thoughts we have, the hair is a mess by the way, not a complaint, an interest, the way we view the world, crossing the road, the head back in focus, traffic, the cars whizzing by, is this why we experience events in life, some awful, why, a man see’s a building blow up before him, a woman races across the road, is mowed down in day time traffic, what is the result, what did we experience it, this constant flow, everyday.

Jesus sighs Solomon, the Spirit is a living thing, never dies, amen, mind your soul.


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