Our Thoughts

Every few seconds, the thought process at work, analyzing, working out, the human computer, the space in the head, depressed, tired, over worked, frustrated, worn, the head is down, the bank statement doesn’t look good, the mortgage is due Friday, the loan is due Tuesday, time for a time out, the thought in the head, thought. The color of the dress so and so wore, the happy environmentalist, the state of the environment, you wonder, the thoughts, the insecure feeling, add in spying, the world is full of ideas, there is corruption of thought, the sowing of doubt, the stakes are high, our habits at stake, can we keep this up, will we, our thought, the signs from above, the morning of the crucifixion, the sudden changes, the same thought today, the world changing, you just want to hang on, steady the thought, the figures gone south, the super intellectuals speechless, no thought on the subject, how thought does so much. The shop, the routine, the glance at the hygiene products, which ones can i use, can i afford them, the thought, the thought, did anyone consider it like this, the world at sea, the navigation lanes busy, the choices few, the thought, we better get this right, amen.

Solomon sighed, so much living was done in the head. The living words of Jesus, it’s a doing thing, the new understanding of Jesus, the conduit to the Father, the truth about Jesus, the reality of eternity, not thought, but with the miraculous, one thought worth hanging onto; The wisdom of Jesus and the how it impacts on all who believe, action not thought.


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