Reasons, why this, the circumstance, the repeat, so many explain why, so few come up with solutions, as if we spend our lives trying to justify ourselves, rather than look at ways of improving life, is it so. The expert explains, a lack of this, another expert lobbies for something else, self interests, the box outside, forgotten of. Solutions, there are so many crisis out there, easy to explain, when it’s solutions. Jesus arrives, the local believers, those of God, believe him to be a warrior, a man to run the Romans out of Jerusalem, Jesus, the man who will avenge the nation, a man with the solutions. When they hear him talking peace, love, forgiveness, spiritual well being, they are confused, the leaders see their power usurped, Jesus now the threat, solutions, this man is costing us money. So they plot to silence Him.

Treasure Box

The mass killing, the outcry, solutions; in what context would you carry an assault rifle; the answer; in a theater of war, amen.


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