Reasons to be cheerful

Spring time is here, the summer is near, the day is all you have, the worries of tomorrow, leave them there, troubled, talk to a friend, the way to ease into the day, a good nights rest, one can only eat one meal at a time. Solomon sighed, anxiety, the news, waves at sea, a storm approaches, the sailor experienced, has been in rough seas, it’s the being there moment. Jesus so impressed his followers, they gave their life, second time around, the story is reversed, eternity, reasons to be cheerful, don’t let news of wars or anxiety, or leaders in confusion annoy or upset you, it’s written, and remember, while your emotions are being fished, there are so many out there, who simply don’t care, so relax,. don’t be overwhelmed, there is plenty to worry most souls, with the new media, it’s a total impulse, the mood fished, so turn off the news, turn off the phones, stop, ignore the constant news, simply stop, abide in the eternal words, read them out loud, stop the fashion contest, that’s just annoying you, think of those who gave their lives for a better world to come, and watch how others treat others, it’s how they will treat you.

Solomon sighed, the world is at a moment, they come and pass, the inner cleansing is what matters, not what is put before your eyes, that’s simple distraction, amen.


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