Christmas Island–romance in Norway — education pathways

Christmas Island by Natalie Normann I am not moving to Norway. Ever. It’s too dark and too cold for me. I had a lot of reading fun coming to that conclusion, however, as I read Christmas Island, a romance that begins on a wet, cold, dark, rainy island in Norway. The snow and the need […]

Christmas Island–romance in Norway — education pathways

New Found Faith

Seeking direction, the seeking continuous, voices in the night, no, I am not loosing my senses, the words of the prophets, the voice at night, the many hearing the sound, what is this they ask, am I loosing touch. The missing emotions fill out, am I deluding myself she asks, the emptiness has left, something new is filling me up, or is it just emotion, Christmas, so much of the human senses on show, and you want to show your new self. I don’t need to be busy, the needs of old vanish, there is something far more important happening, is this the change so many have been waiting for, at last. Unconditional love, the stuff mothers are made of, amen.

Born again he says, she looks at him, has he lost his mind, he was on the meds the week before, what is this she wonders. You didn’t hear it too she asks, she immediately regrets asking the question, it might set him off. Oh I got over that he says nonchalantly. I was talking to God he says after a pause, talking to God, she is suddenly worried, that again. Why, i heard them too, but she doesn’t mention it.

New found faith, I know what to do he says. She wonders how long it will last.

Solomon sighed, there was a lot of transformation going on, apart from the covid. How real was the spiritual honesty, was it of the Most High God, or was it the demon playing football with the welfare of all; New Found Faith, what did the prophets say; be sure to test it first, amen.


Waiting in line, picking noses, smelly feet, grime, poverty, what, dislikes, he nods, beautiful he says, I want beautiful, then continues, people who pray to idols, thieves, mean people, those that preach, noisy people, is that all you dislikes, oh no, there is more, the voice continues, the list goes on, a break, the list goes on, is there anyone else you dislike, well, there, and a pause, and there, a sigh a deep intake of breath, the voice, is there anything you like then, beautiful he replies.

The interviewee leaves the room, wondering what else there is to dislike. Meanwhile a voice overhead mutters, this is absurd.

Solomon sighed, there were those who spent their lives like Geiger counters, seeking faults.

Slow Down…

The world, moving, the pace, it’s all go, the time, it’s nearly six, the journey home, so much to think of, glad to have a home, imagine if you had no home at all, the stuff we take for granted, the sky overhead, the weather, the feeling of thoughtlessness, when you have little to worry you, or how you pamper yourself, just to stay busy, filling every hour, more like a company CEO rather than another human being, slow down, success isn’t always being first, amen. The favorite TV show starts at eight, dinner before that, the bath is switched, you’ll dunk yourself before bed, then you’ll read a guru book, the one that talks being positive all the time, as if that’s possible, but it energizes you, you, that’s all you need.

The stuff is bought, the different gifts, tastes matter, you want to make a good giver, so much to think about, is there anyone you forgot, you read the list, ah, that so and so, you begrudgingly add him to the list, a moment of charitable existence, you immediately feel good, thinking about another, your not sure what it is, but later when you pray, you’ll add the deed to your petitions, you did something good after all.

have you left anyone out, a reflection in the mirror, you ask yourself, how do you feel about all this, what is your inner need. The Spirit, Christmas is about spirit lifting. How the spark exists, how to keep it, do you yearn for change, what gift will you give to yourself. No more people pleasing, firm thinking, less of a settler, you plan to invest in your inner self, feels good, calming even, being of yourself matters when so many fake it around you, you need to feel grounded, real in terms of yourself. About to descent into the bath, a sigh of relief, more calm time, more space inside, less to worry about while having more inner room to think wisely, your present to yourself and others, calm, a better you, amen.

We are all the same?

Her first night, marriage, an arranged one, unknown, she has heard the story, the pain, men they say, are all the same. There is a drink beside the bed, to relax her she assumes. Tense, will it be bad, the fear, they are all the same, the stories they shared, she wishes they were happier ones. The door opens, she see’s a smile, he doesn’t move heavy, light on his feet, the bathroom flushes, he is now dressed in a robe. The room is beautiful, flowers on all the tables, windows that open to the sea, the noise of waves, a perfect setting, he is pleased with what he sees. His face then fixes on the bed, his beloved lying there, prepared for him. How are you my dear he says. She is slow to reply, he asks her again, more gently this time. A faint reply, he asks again, a third time.

Treasure Box

The bride is nervous, the husband is kind, there is understanding between them, and most importantly, there is no barrier between them, they are souls about to converge into one, no one of them owns the other, just as Jesus reminds us all, amen. Her fears flee, amen, they are not all the same, amen.

Spare me a thought?

Bamboozled, over worked, children that need routine, a partner that demands more attention than a new born, dirty laundry, is that a stain on the carpet, another bill drops in the letter box, the phone rings, the child is crying, another bill, the letter open, the threat of a law suit, the pressure mounts, she flips back a long string of hair, the dishes are in need of a wash, the children in school will be home soon, the spuds needs to be on the pot, and her hair is streaking grey, a wry smile, she will enjoy the visit to the hairdressers, amen, busy woman.

Food on the table, cutlery set, better off doing it herself, they will only argue, she opens the fridge door, no milk, who will she send for it, the youngest is four, the eldest in eleven, three in between, it’s constant work, she rushes out the door, it’s a five minute hop, back in five minutes she says, they all ignore her, Out the drive a swift maneuver, she is careful, no sudden accidents, she recalls pissing in the back seat of a taxi, once, but she has never forgotten, it was a joke he was telling her, the taxi man, she parks, runs in runs out, back in the door, as if she never left, going strong but under pressure, amen.

Pressure, its a constant; what you haven’t got you want, you have enough, you want more, a big thrill, does it go higher, more, the buzz, don’t feel it anymore, more buzz, the pressure, that void has to be filled, how else can I forget.

Solomon sighed; the struggle to hang onto the Inner Soul, the demands from outside, the anger we store inside, like tenants waiting to get an audience, waiting for the right opportunity, more pressure, its constant. Jesus and his life, tells us of this constant pressure, and also reminds us, of the reward that awaits those who hold onto their faith, amen. It may seem a struggle, but eternity is a very long time; save some for later, amen, you will feel less pressure too, amen. patience helps?

Jesus and the Coin

Lessons, Jesus taught us many, and his teaching upset the local authorities of the Faith, the local pharisee’s. who had their own flock to attend to. A bit like a Mother who has many children, all of them needing her care, but some needing more. Jesus asked of us many questions, what we really stood for. He represented his Heavenly Father, the pharisee’s were attending to their enslaved people, we need to be understanding. Today we play politics with issues, we use them as footballs, who gets hurt doesn’t matter, who gets the results does, a very 20th century mindset, now that we are in the 21st century, and hopefully a lot wiser. Facing daily criticism, Jesus had much to deal with. Why wasn’t he a violent threat to the oppressive roman authority, why didn’t he get rid of them all, he was supposed to be the Messiah after all, so they probed him with questions, each one a little more off, as they tried to push him into a corner, trying to undermine His teachings. Look he even didn’t go to college, how can he be called a teacher. Put another way for want of example, imagine the strain on the heart of a mother knowing she can’t afford what her children want at this time of year, while being able to afford, only what they need, we all like to be spoiled.

Anyway, this last trick will put Jesus in trouble with the five o’s of the time, the roman governor in particular. This Jesus is talking of a Kingdom on it’s way, that’s treason in roman talk. So they pose the question about paying taxes, in a nutshell, pointing out to Jesus who really is in charge. They show Jesus the coin, Jesus points to the two sides of the coin, one with an engraving of the governor, the other side bare. Jesus examines the coin, looks at it, then says to those trying to trick him; well pay the governor what he is due, and pay God what he is due, no arguments.

Given the season of giving that we are in, the advent of the holy birth, the exchange of gifts; let us not forget, the One True God who gives life to all, amen.

Jesus and the Spirit

The effort to create fear in the believers, Jesus knew and understood the pressure on the internal Spirit, he was spied upon most of the time,and while he knew their intentions,undermining his mission, he also knew the power of the Eternal Father. How to find roots in human hearts that surpassed the material interest, was not ever going to be easy. As the parables stated, the message of the seeds, the numerous distractions and worries of normal living, made it even more difficult to reach the Higher Love, the love that appealed to the Father. So in these times, how many have actually held onto the teachings, does a religion that claims to be numerous in numbers, have strength in Faith, or in short, does their actions typify those who believe. Given the signs and the reference to ancient prophecy, it’s timely, to re-access, the reality of what you believe in. Have you fallen for were all the same philosophy, that many new age guru’s proffer in order to find followers, or do you ask difficult questions.

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No one is watching, there are no consequences, even the best spies in the world don’t believe that, they are all aware of the divine influence, but life choices are life choices. At the end of days, you need to have preserved, saved love that is divine orientated, and that is all deeds, amen.

In a nutshell, the lack of Faith in his home town, made the miraculous difficult; there was no faith to hold onto, amen. What is the state of your faith today, amen.