New Found Faith

Seeking direction, the seeking continuous, voices in the night, no, I am not loosing my senses, the words of the prophets, the voice at night, the many hearing the sound, what is this they ask, am I loosing touch. The missing emotions fill out, am I deluding myself she asks, the emptiness has left, something new is filling me up, or is it just emotion, Christmas, so much of the human senses on show, and you want to show your new self. I don’t need to be busy, the needs of old vanish, there is something far more important happening, is this the change so many have been waiting for, at last. Unconditional love, the stuff mothers are made of, amen.

Born again he says, she looks at him, has he lost his mind, he was on the meds the week before, what is this she wonders. You didn’t hear it too she asks, she immediately regrets asking the question, it might set him off. Oh I got over that he says nonchalantly. I was talking to God he says after a pause, talking to God, she is suddenly worried, that again. Why, i heard them too, but she doesn’t mention it.

New found faith, I know what to do he says. She wonders how long it will last.

Solomon sighed, there was a lot of transformation going on, apart from the covid. How real was the spiritual honesty, was it of the Most High God, or was it the demon playing football with the welfare of all; New Found Faith, what did the prophets say; be sure to test it first, amen.


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