Thinking Like a bird

No flight plan, no plan to build an empire, just trust in what it’s supposed to do, fly. A new born, inside the shell, the time is right, the shell begins to crack, the light enters, the new fledgling works to make it’s way to the light, much like the beginning of a new life. You are that bird. The head is up, your direction set by the light, no baggage yet, those tiny brains don’t remember, they are birds. In human terms, the baggage is the inability to forgive, the drama you bring with you, the habits you are predisposed to. In olden times, there was a great mystery as to why Jesus, could do what he could do, where his power came from, some assumed he had a demon in him, that being the source of His Power. The fact that the demons in those times, had names, should serve as a warning to all, if they were about then, imagine how they have developed networks the world over ever since, trying to thwart the power of the Eternal One. Just imagine it. But like the bird on it’s first day, the time is right when the time is right, the God of Eternal Glory knows the time of day, and can see through everything, even the confusion sown into the hearts and minds of everyone who has that Spiritual Spark; as everyone knows the mind can only absorb so much before going off key, or in musical terms, you need to re-tune the instrument if you want that old sound, amen.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, he watches the lost sheep struggle down the street, the little one following seeking to go another direction. Alone and not sure, the lamb follows the lost ones, the comfort being, we all need to be with someone. Imagine the daily trek of the lost, but they are not lost, they just got pushed off the path, with the words of Jesus in their hearts, they will soon find it again, same way that bird will return to the nest, amen.

From the nest, there are predators waiting. Some might find it hard to understand why the most horrible things happen, why they wonder is it allowed to happen. Perhaps these tragic events are reminders to what is at stake, when you lose the connection with the Most High God, and the warnings of Jesus, over 2,000 years ago, the same warning applies today. There are those who appear to be light, but are in fact demons, listen if you have ears, amen.


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