Who’d want to be a fig tree?

Are you sure, the apostles are walking after Jesus, it’s a sunny day, Jesus is on the mission,tired of the lack of faith the followers are showing, questioning everything, for Heaven’s sake, he looks at the sky, where did I get these from, should have used a recruitment agency, well, short cuts,it’s horrible, having every thought questioned, passing a bush,he throws out his hand,grabs a fig,puts it in His mouth, what a bitter taste, darn, You’ll wither for this he says, the apostles assume it’s just a case of wrong side of the bed moment. The following day they are passing that way, the apostles look at the bush, withered to a prune almost, how is that possible they think, meanwhile Jesus turns around, looks at them, are you still disbelieving?

Imagine the power of God, amen, how things change so suddenly. Worth investing the time in getting to the roots,said the old man.


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