The Great Rescue

Deliverance from the fear within, how the heart sighs, for so long, the feeling, how can I escape from this, how often do we allow hopelessness to define our station in life, leaving us vulnerable to all sorts of circumstances, and those whose thoughts for us, are not so kind. The young lady is lost, she is nervous, looking around her, a face, someone friendly. The watchers of doom, read her face, they know the scene, they know the commercial value of what they see, it’s there time to get to work. Do we treat everyone as money, or as Jesus would say, how can you serve money and God at the same time, think about it. Another is watching the vulnerable girl, whose intentions are with the most high, she escapes the trap set for her, amen.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

Solomon was recalling earlier times, how the smallest act of kindness can have lasting affects, while acts of continuous harm, can leave another, totally, soulless. Jesus and the story of His times, tells us, that there will be difficulties in life, that’s the way things are, but if you persevere in Faith in the One True God, how your days are made lighter, invisibly so at times.

A man is walking the streets on a freezing night, dressed in rags, going door to door, not seeking charity but a place to sleep. It could be the story of Les miserable s, by victor Hugo, it’s a story told over and over. The man is about to give up, even though he has the money for rest, his appearance puts off many, for many reasons, fears etc. He smells, it’s dirty, it’s hard. Along comes a naive believer, asks the man to come with him, and thinks, well, if it was me there, you’d like someone to take an interest in you.

Years later, the man has a rescue few thought possible, and so the drama begins. From the foundations of what seemed destruction, a new branch is added to the tree of life, and who could imagine that, only the One who gives life to everything, amen. Never give up is the lesson, no matter how difficult it may seem, words used by Jesus, to encourage all, not to be beaten down by the life experience, for what He says is so true; at the end of the Journey, you will look back with gladness, at all the pot holes you managed to avoid, amen. The power from on High, always overcomes the spirit that comes from below, amen.


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