Fine Tuning

The piano is off, the sound too dank, it needs to be tuned. Molly is on the phone. Great she says after she hangs up,it will be fixed Friday. She will play music again. The official refuses to budge, he has duties to the community. This guy is costing me a fortune says the business man,he needs to be fine tuned, a term he uses to destabilize. The whistle blower thought that whistle blower regulations would stop the abuse. The trolls who targeted him, were just a set up, to destabilize him. He refuses to accept the bribe, has become a risk, he knows them, and they fear anyone who knows them.

Jesus had to deal with those who worked extensively, to discredit him, as the Gospels show. Why do so many pretend the same does not occur today. Progress, has made us sneaky, amen.

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