The Martyr

Scaffold and whipping, he dares to believe in the Prophet, he is beaten again, refuses to relent, it’s a holiday weekend, there is a larger crowd about, a few visitors in town are attracted by the noise of the whip, the sighs, the calmness of the crowd, worth seeing, a man being beaten. He is finally crucified, the crowd brow beaten, wishing he had lasted longer. What did they argue about way back then.

The senate is still arguing over a minor incursion, the senators want to be heard, they need to satisfy the voters, imagine Caesar on the floor of the senate in old times, imagine the drama, imagine the power they had, the empire under their control, yes, those old buildings that are on everyone’s visit list, when they visit Rome and other such places.

The martyr is still remembered,his prayers powerful, same as those of the prophet he refused to denounce.

The bars are full, they reach into the street, hustlers ply their trade, it’s an easy time, the festival, while the martyr remains dead on the cross,dead only in that his body is dead,but very much alive in the eyes of God. Our visitors ask, who was he anyway….

The news anchors talk about the tyrant president, who will, what, when, why,does it matter? The stuff your teaching your children with, what does the Martyr think; it wasn’t as dark in olden times he’d reply.

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