All the righteous dead calling out, how many voices, those unjustly murdered,the output of the Spirit stolen from, serious times, serious crimes, Solomon wondered if they noticed, the volcanoes, the earthquakes, the rudderless world, leaving it to mere men to fix, wasn’t thinking, as if the same people created the world.

What if the current generation were going to be asked to address the issue; the righteous dead, what if, all those unjust deaths had to be accounted for, why not, the times coincide with prophecy of old. The numbers tell the same story, the time is near, and warnings from space, point to the potential of a world changing event, from the sun.

The silent walk of all those who entered the gas chambers, will humanity have to answer for it; is there a lesson, did we repeat the same mistakes afterwards. Did we allow the military complex take over the world, giving protection to the highest bidder, over throwing legitimate governments, how did it happen, so soon after the second great war.

Solomon sighed; the usual suspects didn’t want the world to get too excited, calm, we can fix this, how many fresh faced politicians do we hear that rubbish from, most of them. The third world war had been ongoing these last twenty five years, the way we use our hearts and minds, written permanently in our internet habits, well, who are you anyway, amen, but the sum of your deeds.

Islands on fire, water in short supply, fish getting smaller, there is a lot to be concerned for; if they are real, they’d have the picture of the cloud on billboards, to alert people, there is a power beyond,they could have; now science is saying the same thing, the planet isn’t as safe as many hope, and they could have earned real blessings, yet didn’t even try, amen.

He’s got a conscience, drinks to hide from the horrors he was involved in, needs sleep. Imagine what the judgement of God will be like; time to do something really good for a change,amen. Otherwise those bad memories will chase you around.


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