The inner Self

The cover up, point in any direction, over there, they are breaking the law, lets target them. The mob screams, the chase begins, all thoughts of the self forgotten, while telling themselves, this is God’s way, or so their leader says. The mob beat the man, he is an adulterer, was seen coming out of a house, where a single lady resided. Praise to God they shout, as if the Almighty advised violence, when it’s compassion and understanding that is sought. Hiding among the regulations, isn’t that what crooks do, well if it’s legal, written in the law, it’s all right.

Jesus was speaking to the apostles. People were complaining, that Jesus and his followers were breaking all the rules, ignoring the rules of washing, eating the wrong foods, communing with those considered dirty. What makes you unworthy, is what comes out of your mouth, not what goes into it. At the time, people were speaking against the apostles, for the habits they practiced.

The inner self, the beliefs you hold, the bias you encourage, the hatred you hold, and harm you wish towards others, this is what makes you unholy. Many complained, the women should be covered, they tempt men, they encourage them in the wrong habits, lets blame them. Jesus understood the human mindset. How use was made of laws to hound people. If the men found it hard to deal with temptation, it was their inner selves that was driving their passions. To blame mothers for their behavior, was outrageous, amen. Did they not listen to the early prophets; the battle that has to be fought, is the battle within, that’s the field of battle.


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