Stone Her

The young woman is tied to the pole, they are preparing to stone her, according to the law. A man reads out a proclamation, the verdict has to be read, a large crowd has assembled. Today we caught this woman talking to a married man, in a private location, you know how dangerous that can be, we must have standards. A young prophet is in the crowd, listening. The speech ends, the men chosen to do the stoning pick up stones, their arms arched, waiting for the final salute, before the sentence is carried out.

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The man pushes his way through the crowd, stands in front of the gathering. The judge in charge of proceedings smiles, are you another of her lovers he says. Of course he says, isn’t it written in the law, that we must love what God has created otherwise we don’t love God. Insolence says the Judge, and who are you he asks, while trying to rouse the crowd into a frenzy, they gathered to see blood flow, nothing else.

Arrest him says the judge, let him join her, the crowd yells, praise to God they shout and no other. But this is not what the law says, the young man pleads, haven’t you heard of Jesus, it’s compassion and kindness that God seeks from us, not cruelty.

The man is bound to the girl, the stoning is about to begin. It will be all right he says to the young girl, just trust me. There is another prophet in the crowd, an older man, as he makes his way forward through the crowd, they make a way for him to pass, there is energy about him. He emerges from the crowd, the judge looks at him, immediately he is taken back, remember me brother says the old prophet, i appeared to you in a dream, the judge is speechless.

Treasure Box

Haven’t you heard says the prophet, the battle is not with others, the battle you have to worry about is the battle within. You can’t blame others for your own failings, amen.

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