Selling the Soul

How many have turned away from the loving way, how many sell themselves, in order to get ahead, how many endowed with talents, have seriously abused them, what excuses can they offer,Solomon sighed, he heard the words as he passed the bench, someone was being quoted, lower body stuff, amen. Who sets such an example, how the demon smiled,while so many fell from grace, more company in the abyss, for the demon, and those who worshiped him. Many souls were asking, is this the time, they have been through so much sighed Solomon, they need respite, amen.

Toe rags, a word he heard used, to describe some, as disposable as a used condom. The memory, an old one. Those who assist, putting on the serious face, as if they were helping them, while stealing what they made, poor souls He sighed, and this example widely encouraged. Our choice they say, he could hear the voices, their choice, not those who were trafficked, and hidden.

Dear Father prayed Solomon, in these times of uncertainty, strengthen the hands of your loving servants, the demon and his acolytes are heading for the lake of fire, they have venom in them, as poisonous as snakes,trying to infect your children, remind the world Dear Father, turn these evil souls into fools, remove any threat they may appear to have. Your children struggle to hold on.

His prayers heard, Solomon smiled, that will put them in eternal chains until the judgement comes, amen. The Mighty prophet Isaiah, the Prophet to whom Jesus referred to regularly, on account of His standing and powerful words, was also being asked to rally all the other prophets, to petition, the Almighty God, amen.


5 thoughts on “Selling the Soul

  1. Oh I love this. What an enriching composition. People are selling themselves to get to the head. And in the end they are not at the head but at the end with nothing… 🙏

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