working girl

The use of language, working girl. Solomon was watching old TV shows, when the content was managed, crudeness wasn’t contemplated, and the language plain. The TV host asks the lady contestant,what do you do, are you a working girl he asks. In those times, when opportunities for the females were limited, the home in those times, considered, the first priority, the place where families were reared and children learned, mainly from the example shown. A working girl was a lady who worked outside the home. Today, the term is derisory. It’s used to describe a woman who sells herself to men, amen.

Language and it’s meaning has changed. Same as the reverence many used to have,for those who gave their time, to spiritual well being. So much bad press,every fault now magnified, in order to inflict as much emotional harm, while increasing the ratings, amen. How or why did the number of people directly involved, have decreased dramatically in so short a time, a question that even Pope Francis is still trying to come to terms with. Did we over step the mission; did personal power take over, was the ego too involved you ask. or put more simply, how can the Spirit from above find peace in the average heart today,given the content we are supplying it with; sound bytes if we are polite, far worse if we are honest.

Working girl, it was even alleged that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute when she knew Jesus. I suppose, since Jesus was known to hang out with the outcasts of society, those rejected by polite society in those days, applied the worst thoughts to those he kept in his company. No different to the character assassination that takes place daily across the planet today. This attitude, adapted by many religious back then, has no doubts, contributed to the mindset towards woman and girl today, the ricochet affect, it filters down.

Solomon caught the eye of a young lady, one of many, using their looks and bodies to pay the rent, in the place he lived. How would they feel after awhile; how angry it made him too, those off shore thieves, stealing from those in need, as if he needed reminding, amen. Being connected in the Spiritual sense, he put it in words, knowing that the Spirit that came to him, was reporting his progress, to the One True God. Beware, there are many falsies about, believe it please. In the end days, there will be much deception, it’s written, amen.

language and it’s meanings can change. But never forget the words Jesus spoke. The Spirit lives inside you; inside you is where you find the space. That is why so much that is idol worship is being sowed in your heads, so much that is violent is what you view, so much that is of the lower region, so much, you can’t think of anything else, other than money, power or sex,why?, in order to disconnect you from God’s saving help,amen. Listen carefully.


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