the duvet girl…

Before a class, confident, animated, passionate, the pupils in her hands, ability not questioned, no interest in the ego, apart from passionate romance, playful kind and willing to help,regularly gives time, never one to put anyone down, made those around her big.

The feminist movement, women’s rights, we are girls, lets get together and fight these male made laws, lets protest. The young teacher is interested but no militant. It’s the after party most of them go to afterwards that interests them, drinking meeting partners, men or other women,amen.

A relationship, she becomes with child, is unsure, the teacher. She explains her position, listens to the advice, decides, against all her ideals, to accept the advice, she decides to abort the baby, travels. The event is harrowing; she relates years later to another friend, that she woke up during the procedure, was never the same thereafter.

Fill the void, she found love hard to find, and many willing to fool her. She hides her hurt in the addiction. Booze, one bottle a day, she tries to break the habit, is successful for awhile, then falls again, while her friends put distance between her and them. They all made time for her funeral. never forget the duvet girl, it could be your sister or friend too, amen.

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