Why disasters happen…

A question many ask; why did God allow this and that happen. The Spirit, is lacking, our compassion is non existent, while the Most High God wants all to be saved, how do you turn people, souls in other words, back to the path. God is the eternal Father. The God of the living not the dead, as the Heavenly Spirit is eternal. Disasters happen, we show compassion, a true believer has trials, while those who have no compassion, appear to sail on, this isn’t fair you say, but the words of Jesus make it clear. Those first now will be last, while those who suffer oppression, and hold onto their faith, have eternal happiness to look forward too, while, we don’t need to go there. Even the scriptures tell us; they ignored the ways of the Most High God,and that’s that. Why do God’s people suffer, amen.


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