Church Leaders Worry…

Where have all the vocations gone, was it something we did, are we guilty of pointing towards others while burying our faults. Grey hairs, too many of them, have they strayed from the wisdom of Jesus, have they catered for the needs of the Spirit?….

Have they preached too much doom, when Jesus did not preach doom, but freedom, freedom from the traps this world sets for so many.

Solomon had the words in him. The Spirit from above does not discriminate, it seeks rest. Has there been a failure to preach the doctrine of Unity of Spirit, what do you think. In olden times Jesus encouraged all, to ask questions. He could read minds, knew the thinking, the uncertainty. One thing that cannot be contradicted. It wasn’t about gathering a huge number of followers in your group, that’s number crunching, we have more than you. Since the world claims to have more than a billion or three believers, what does the state of the world mean in that context; numbers can be very misleading, amen.

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