High Noon…

1950’s america, the communist witch hunt. 2020, and socialism is now deemed the only rescue route left,the over consumption of the last sixty years, having exhausted the planet. Can you imagine any civilization encouraging such excess. Back to the fifties, the film industry is a mix of responsible writers, those who express what needs to be said. Then the witch hunt, not dissimilar to the burning of women in the great wrath the church of the time, brought down, on anyone who had other thoughts, other than the dogma they were told to ingest. So half of the thought provoking writers for the screen, and other artists, their careers ruined, their families left in great difficulties, because their ideas contradicted the ways of progress. Seventy odd years later, how they miss those souls, amen.

The character in the film knows that evil has to be confronted. The business people of the town are half hearted. The cash flowed when the lawless were in control is all that they can focus on. Seventy years later, off shore scams,theft of resources, the gap between rich and poor, as big as the crevice that divides the believer from those who think only of themselves.

Many people wonder,how it came to this,the mess so many are in. Watch the movies, high noon, all the answers are in that story, amen.


2 thoughts on “High Noon…

  1. Everyone will have to clean up their homes before a society becomes clean, cleaning own homes is futile if cleanliness is habit of scarce minority, like honest people of India, an endangered species on the brink of annihilation.

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