God and our relationships

Through compassion and kindness, is how you will know the people of God. Jesus saw how the devout offered animal sacrifices, while failing to show compassion and kindness, so he abruptly cut them short: If you knew the Father he said, it’s kindness and compassion that is sought. Ritual might remind you of your faith, but it’s compassion and kindness that feeds the spirit, amen.

Why are these words important today, when so many are reading of the plight of immigrants, when great signs are being poured into the world. In a nutshell, we are all being reminded; what is our relationship with God is being tested. In Afghanistan, there is anxiety, the rights of women and girls are under threat. In this time,when God is all powerful, it’s proper to remind all people, all people of the book, to reread the old scriptures, as all Holy Scripture, is based on the original truth, amen.

Treasure Box

When Jesus arrived, he scolded his own disciples, when they complained about his relationships with those considered to be of the lower professions, women included, Jesus was angered. There is no difference between men and women, and this point, is one point, most often complained about, when those who are of God, complain about the acts of others, who believe in their way, while giving ammunition to those, who want to rubbish the very existence of God.

What is your relationship with God then?

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