The Modern world and God

Some places are experiencing blessings while others are in free fall. The weather changes on a whim, sudden storms,thieves in the night,sweep away villages, while refugee’s seek refuge, while the under fed,starve for want of what, food?. The lesson is simple; the Spirit of God is back on earth, and demands on the conscience are heavy and very real. Is there a fairer way to judge the nations you ask. In a nutshell, it’s your conscience that will lift you or drown you.

Jesus asked a very long time ago’ will there be any Spirit left when the great return happens. Solomon sighed, the prayers of the righteous are being heard. There have been so many signs, too many to write,apart from children and their angels, who quite rightly, are telling their parents, some of whom are stupefied. Is this real, why do some places avoid trouble, while those who show contempt for the Higher Love seem to be in a permanent state of confusion, is there an answer.

Meanwhile, those crying out for justice are having their moment. Rapid,sudden, impossible to imagine changes are happening. The closet folks blame the global warming thing; to imagine something else, is a step too far. Then you wonder at the words of Jesus; will there be any faith left when the great return happens, well, that’s everyone’s struggle, amen.

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