Mental Destruction of the world…

Sexuality, a shopping experience, confused, the first seven years, the foundation. The little eyes, imitating, their confused parents and their failing relationships, record breakdown rates, while the parents argue, the child insecure,grabbing at anything firm, how this has been allowed to happen, we did this to our selves, and now with prophecies on the radar,the anxiety many feel, why you wonder, did we thrash the world our children and mother nature with it, from a distance, so it seems.

Rivers clean, run like muck, sludge on the floor, where no one can survive, then the misinformation wars, the deliberate harm, while those in position hid their misdeeds, while their sycophants said yes, and nodded, never able to question their boss, why you ask. Truth will be hidden, then when the revelation of God is made read, all the truths come tumbling out,yes, all those horrid habits, known to the Most High God, yes, all that weird shit, all known, and now, we all have to account for it, maybe.

As those on the edge for a long time tried to say; you are all being duped, but you eat it up, whatever it is, just to survive. Well Solomon encountered the Spirit, the real one, not imaginary,and once you realize, that as sure as Heaven exists, so does hell, who needs reminding, when you see it nearly every single day, amen.


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