Universal Changes

Solar flares, new planets, the potential of other earths, the revelation, a new heaven a new earth, our role in the process, amen, what you ask. Do you want networks to control your life, do you want all your vulnerabilities fed and nourished,by those who worship money, and are glad to boast of it, what does the world according to the prophets mean, to all who ignore the ways of God Most High, amen.

The thief in the night, how life can change overnight, a door opens, the shock on the face, how easy it is to worry someone, when you are reminded of the same fears daily. The minds are warped, the trust falls,many think of themselves, it’s what they see the vast majority do, particularly those in authority, how do they feel, “the authority”, watching the skies, wondering, that’s not our place.

So many strange happenings, many feeling immune, their wealth will protect them, then the feeling of uncertainty, when they hear the mention of the Holy Names, the anathema, something universal is changing, what will be next, the book of revelations no longer gathering dust, amen.


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