We, what does that mean, the connotation, the voices that hide, does that include us, are we different, well, lifting, in the Spiritual sense, there are ancient words on this too, meaning, from the heart of God say, the thoughts of the prophets, lifting, is all they ever did. Lifting, getting within reach, or how things have changed, it needs to be said, priority was given to those deemed weakest, women children first, lifting. A man has needs, too much testosterone, the gung ho attitude, emphasis, being a man, well, consider the state of the planet, it was the mothers who did most of the lifting. Perhaps the prophet got it right,the chances of women, way more enhanced, than that of men, if you believe in fairness, amen.


Do you use another as a slave in your household, do you treat those around you, like servants, their spirits need lifting too, amen.

It was the great hope, that mankind would absolve itself, and lift the Spirit, by common gesture, they would unite for good, and present a version of the world, that gave honor to the eternal love above. Have we succeeded in our lifting, have we put barriers in the way. Jesus of course, has words on this too, the return, it has been written long ago, and now that we have such uncertainty all around us, perhaps we might think of lifting the Spirit, amen.

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