Healing Nations

So many voices, talk of wars, unrepentant losers, guns in every home, the poorest finally had enough too, their very existence, a lesson in endurance, there will always be the poor some say, but when policies devised on foreign shores become their life model, no one thinks of the innocent victims when fighting a war,they never have, and now, when the planet needs everyone to contribute to the healing of nations, how is it possible, where will the will come from, or will it be, for yourself until the end, and see what happens then, have many given up entirely.

Heat few can live with, weather changes no one can measure or plan for, water wars, they have always been going on, it’s why the great cities are built on rivers, water is not a choice, ignore the half news filling the heads and the lack of trust in everything it has caused, the doubts continually raised, should there be another effort same as the covid lock down, that gets the focus on planet saving issues rather than on empire building issues. Germany after world war two, the old currency worthless, then hear the echo of Liam Neeson, when he acts the part of oscar schindler, as he pleads for his wealthy friends to do more, then picture the suitcases of bank notes, billions, days before of value, today, toilet paper, the choices.

How do you create compassion; where do you start, it’s usually a role model of some sort, like that person, why is there less of those people in the world, and then you think, there was more compassion then, more Spirit at work across more sectors of life, then you imagine, the little changes, the steps, the monetization of everything, the feeling of being a number, then the death inside of Spirit. For Compassion to exist, there has to be God Love, amen.

Healing nations, the TV anchor wonders, where next, the crisis, in all directions. If you thought Donald Trump emptied the closet while in the big office, it appears now, that the world, including Mother Nature, is venting its rage at the tiniest incident, like tinder waiting to be set alight. So how do you heal nations?


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