The Great Weigh In

Big fight, same as the one we all have in life,retaining our souls. The challenger, takes on the champion. Cameras, TV slot, glitz, usually a casino, the big weigh in. Over a certain point, no game, no fight. Pay per view and the participants, ratchet up the tension, there is going to be a fight, and you don’t want to miss it, hey, did you hear what he said, the young boys talk it up, the violence.

The great weigh in, could be compared to the plight of the soul at the end of the journey. The soul has a weight, so does the conscience. Famous Golfer, plays great,hits a spot, the experts say, he has a weight on his mind. How do we ease the load, reduce the weight of your conscience. How do you ease the mind, without seeking medical help.

Jesus has words of advice. The load he gives is light, amen.

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