Sunday Afternoons

Who can disagree with the Sunday drive, time set aside to bring a feeling of togetherness to life, more than words,deeds. Solomon recalled, the wonders from above, how the sun appeared every time, he and his baby accomplice went of their Sunday drive, receiving the blessing from above each and every time; who’d try to compete with that power. who would try to dampen the Spirit, in other words. If human kindness can create this reaction, who are men to disown such wonders.

If we turned the world into a mini version of Babylon, my life my worth my pleasure, without thought for the eternal gift given, what are we to expect, if we fail the Spirit, amen. Sunday afternoons, the chance to dream, amen.

Solomon had to under go, spying, AND much that was fake, while the Spirit poured out, who would want to offend God, amen.

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