Spiritual Frustration, psalm 53

Hopes rise and fall, those who prey on the vulnerable, their hopes rise when the Spirit ebbs, they will need someone to fill the void, and there are no shortage of willing rats prepared to fill that void. A child with emotional needs that are never met, who hopes rise and fall, reacts violently when he loses at anything, the heart is not satisfied, there has to be a reaction. We all experience loss in life, if we are lucky, we have emotional back up, very few are strong enough. The hearts reach a certain temperature, over a certain point, it’s all in doubt, how things will go. Call it frustration, call it what you want, but what is the root cause; layers and layers of corruption, it becomes too much when so many are involved. Same with anything bad that attracts the numbers, Jesus called the demons mobs, there were so many of them.

why psalm 53, the reminder of the Heavens, this week, two 53 events in a matter of days, both refer to world events, Italy, the first cup victory in 53 years, the assassination of the Haitian president, 53 years old. It might be good to read that psalm 53, over and over. Written a very long time ago, for the benefit of the early believers, AND, for those living today, who can connect recent events with the prophecies of those days. If you seek God, why not turn to what was written in the Holy Name, amen.

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