that which we think we can control, the fear we hold, the reminders, names, did they ever look to the sky, or did they read the ancient words, in an instant any world, can be turned upside down, and now they see it happening across the world. Powerful because you control a corner, how long will that last, leaders in high places, not issuing rational words,their followers chanting,what exactly. Madness, did he really believe that, others afraid to open their mouths, the boss doesn’t like a challenge, fear, the end of advice, and we wonder why things go awry.

I’m in control of this, my land, my conquest, they forgot that God exists, they forgot about the army of invisible light, fear, do they understand the meaning of the word, amen.

Solomon saw the signs,coming for the last ten years, heavenly messengers, angels trying to assist, there is only one word for this; divine intervention. The heart baggage loads up, the pain intense, the magic number in reach, then the tip over, and the start of the new regime; how will those who oppressed God’s people fare; they will be liquid with fear, unable to walk, powerless, it just takes a thought. Amen.


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