The Lesson in Dante’s Inferno… are there lessons in it…

The famous Italian of the 1400’s or thereabouts, the exact date doesn’t matter, time does not count, the experience does, everything else is incidental. Dante has a vision, one shared with many others over time; the descent of the soul into hell, why should it be important to recall in these times. Good question they say, why is it important.

Given the signs coming into the world, the findings of scientists, the changes in the world above, the sightings of angels, the pope from the ends of the earth, and the truth of the holy scriptures coming through, in such a reality, it’s easy to see why, Dante’s warnings should not be ignored.

Photo by Rajukhan Pathan on

What does the God of all creation want from us, what is expected of us, what are the threats against us; if those are your questions, it’s written in the old books, read them or listen to them, they might just save your soul, amen.

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