Technology, using it to control the mind, the final frontier

It was the end of all life as we know it. He had stood off using the new technical advances. There was so much of it; it was the worst sort of drug; once you get used to it, there is no other drug to use; human connections, work, your entire social life,trapped in the world of bits and bytes, amen.

Treasure Box

Solomon hadn’t stayed away from technology because he was lazy, he was afraid of it, and how it invades the soul. As he said to his Friend from the Friary, it’s having a total stranger in your life,and if your alone, it becomes a friend.

Many had been assured, this is great, Solomon sighed, they should think of the God of Isaiah, who had and has always had the power, to move the elements in the sky. With one thought, the entire could be curtailed, he hoped they hadn’t forgotten. Warnings are written in the Holy Books, we should never ignore them, amen.

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