The Breath of Life

Every useless word that you utter will be used to judge you, you say more when you say less. Jesus warned those in His company, the words that utter from you, come from the store of your heart. The breath of life in other words. Power, with the word the world was created with the word, the world changes, with the word, the new era begins. We are told, the breath of God is all that is necessary, is this why there is calm and cleaner air when we were locked down, the conscience gets a makeover, there are no persons to intimidate, but what is in the head has to get out. Isaiah also has words, He will pour out words, until justice prevails, Isaiah was referring to the Messiah, the chosen one.

Those with life in their hearts will pour out life giving words, the heart as Jesus says,is where your treasure lies, build it and fill it with all that is good, and light of heart you will be, and the breath of life will pour from you. What goes in goes out. Devious minds, what have they inside them, amen.


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