Close the door, the outside world, a stranger. She takes a deep breath. What form will he be in today. No noise, she heads for the kitchen. I should not be feeling this in my home. But she is unable to open her mouth. The threats he made were just words, but they turned around her inner peace. Debilitating, that feeling of fear, turns your limbs to jelly, unable to walk almost,that ugly feeling, caught.

The sanctity of Home, and those who intentionally make it a prison for anyone living there. The affect on the inner well being. Forced to hide your feelings,you don’t recover health that easily. After awhile, the Stockholm syndrome, as you get used to it.

Solomon smiled, his prayers were heard,same as the Heavenly Spirit that came to him. It would be an anathema not to make the request. He was asked to pray occasionally, it worked too. God had given power to his requests. Ask in the Name,direct, you can all do this, practice, fill your heart with all that is good and let it go, pour it out, and once you do, you will be refilled with joy, and you’ll even have a smile on your face. The Spirit from above is above all spirits down on earth, and is a link to the power of the Almighty, amen.


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