Man versus God…

Man, how many lives make up your life, how many influences do you have, the words of Jesus, you can’t serve money and God. The material landscape is over coming you inside, where is the space that I can grow and live inside you. Isaiah says, If only, if only, if only, you sincerely turned to Me, {Isaiah means God Most High}, if only, imagine the wonders I would do, have you seen the butterfly transform. I sent the prophets, but did you ever listen, so few indeed.

Solomon sighed; those addicted to the purely material, how could they reach out to what is eternal, if all you dream is material. The prophet Ezekiel and the angel, the angel says, there are so many blessings waiting to be poured out, if only, you were able to receive them.

Solomon sighed; It wasn’t a happy love relationship the company had. But if you don’t love in the first place, if you put yourself first, where is the love that reaches out, where, Man versus God, how we put barriers in our way, amen

Every time, when things go wrong, there have been warnings and reminders given, but so little is ever listened to. And you mock the Holy Servants, how patient is the Loving God, of Abraham and the Holy Prophets, amen.

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