The Solitary Mother

Roots, where do we come from, how do we achieve a compassionate heart, where do we learn about kindness, to whom do we look, whom do we reach for; who else, The Mother figure in your life. The solitary mother, carries far more than children; the early teacher, the constant presence in the life of her children, and without fail, she does her best, as everyone who is lucky, has a great mother. The light she brings, the unfailing help she gives, the example she shows, in her kindness to strangers,and her corporal acts of mercy. The most under regarded worker in the entire world. Men start wars, not solitary mothers, men start wars, her children, the victims. As the mother hen displays and many birds too, how she keeps her chicks safe, beneath her wings.

The angst, a mothers stress, the news hard to take, is there anywhere safe for me.

Solomon smiled, the light had arrived from Heaven, and the light was immense as the light of God shone down on his people, the wonder in the hearts, the dread in the hearts of deceivers, and those who undermined the well being of Holy Spirit, everywhere.

She wants to have a family, she seeks out a worthy loving man. Her first thought, what is in so many of their heads; the squinted eyes, the odd stares, the dark news, is there no real men out there, she wonders. Do I have to sell myself internally to achieve, do I have to give in to strange behaviors to be accepted. At last, she steps into the church, she heard so much abusive talk of all that was wrong, had been afraid to enter, she didn’t want to offend her friends; weak they said, those who went on their knees in such places. Inside she smells the rich after aroma of incense, and then she notices, the silence, the calm. Unsure of what to do, she takes a seat at the back, afraid to venture too far in, the stories they filled her head with, you don’t want to be seen in there.

Solomon recalled the day, he encountered the young Iman, Faisal, who in full traditional dress entered the sanctuary where he had never been before. From a dream, he was told to enter the church, you will find a man, and you will talk love peace and understanding. Solomon smiled at the photo shoot near the alter; the young believer, through Islamic tradition, had made a leap, few christian’s ever do. It as a scene from the parables made real, the young believer reaching out to his neighbor, outside his own comfort group. A man of mighty faith thought Solomon. If only religious leaders in the troubled Holy Land could do the same, as many were trying to do. The Zealots dear Father, remind them of their responsibilities, they seem to be leading some of your children astray, amen.


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