Hopeful Heart Hold On…

You dwell too much, there is so much in there, over thinking is as bad as doing nothing at all, and many times it’s time you need, your heart is beating, your heart is yearning, the hunger is there but there is nothing to nourish it with, remember child, woman, man, boy, you are not alone, you only think you are, there is help, and it’s already in your heart, believe it.

Lost in the world, should have a relationship, getting depressed but not depraved, you are still hope filled, it is hard, how others judge others, the cold feeling it leaves you with, do they think the same of me, then the doubts when your alone, worsening your thoughts, you even think the worst, sleeping impossible, jaded tired, you get up next day, the shop you pass, can’t afford that, then the dread, you hope they will change the subject again, and the circle goes round and round, one day it will turn, you hear the name of Jesus, you immediately feel hope, so never give up, the destiny that awaits you, you already have it inside you.

Solomon sighed, the demon who used the fears hate and envy of others,in a nutshell, the harvester of all that is evil, through the use of others, is on the way to the abyss, amen. Trust in God, it’s in the stories of old, those who put their faith in Him who lives forever, will not be let down. Stay hopeful,amen.


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