Human frustration across the globe, is there one honest government out there, or have you given up hoping, it’s not a time for cynicism, but it’s a time to listen to history, not the spin they sell,next time we will get it right, stuff you want to believe, you hope, and they let you down again, and the dose is repeated, perfect for those who don’t want to imagine, the world to come, meaning God.

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Not one government free of this disease, the reigns of power, deemed to be the right to steal, with no shortage of helpers, who will stuff their snouts into the trough, knowing they will never get caught, or so they think. Is there a country free from the hand out, with a greasy palm the permission arrives, without, you are left to hang, until you pay up, the pressure on those who try to abide by decency in their dealings.

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Corruption, it’s written, the time of our Lord, corruption will recede like the flood in Noah’s time, truth will find an outing, religion will not be necessary, as God’s light will be all that is needed, this is written, the ancient prophets tell us.

The company boss, he was always a hoarder, greedy in other words, will such a man act with integrity, form says no, but that’s why he became the boss, the promises he made.

She doesn’t have the social skills, but she has the attractive legs. Their minds are so soaked in the image,they can’t get it out of their heads, that desire,a right they feel. She will be so corrupted in so short a period of time,she will not have time for anything emotional, amen.

Solomon cried out, Dear Father in Heaven, your children are calling out, enough is up,they are not going to be able to withstand much more abuse, and they cling to their faith like drowning sailors, can you do anything they ask. Every day that passed was a lost opportunity, many were getting lost in extreme nationalism as a result, scurrying for help, wasn’t it time to remind those corrupt in positions of authority, that this world is yours, and not their possession, as they try to insist, by violence and other means amen.

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There will be more disclosures, but how will the news affect you. Remember, this is written, times such as these are meant to happen, hold tight, your faith will sustain you if you remain in God, amen, the eternal promise, amen. As Isaiah said, words will be written, and justice will prevail,amen. And Jesus, always referred to Isaiah, amen.

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