The pastor saw the signs, out for a walk, saw the light around the man, he hurries home, gets on his knees, prays for the entire night,seeking forgiveness, his heart overwhelmed, a mixture of joy and anxiety, he is only human, but what he saw, wasn’t humanly possible, amen. He tells his wife the next morning; starts on the breakfast, dear she says, I’ll do that. He gets to his knees before her, his eyes fill with tears, i treated you like a personal slave, how can you forgive me. She is taken back by his behaviour, decides to consult the doctor,well, he must not be well, having a breakdown, it happened to others of the faith. She is in the waiting room, overhears a conversation. Another man has seen a light, she tries to listen without being nosy.

She rushes out of the surgery, hurries home, maybe he is all right. She finds him on his knees doing the vacuuming, his hand thrusting the nozzle into a hidden corner. She watches, is this real, he gets onto his feet, it’s hard to get to those places. What are you doing she says, his face beams, getting our home ready for the Holy Spirit dear.

Solomon smiled, the wonder on that woman’s face as her husband cleans like a professional. Getting ready for the next leg, it’s the journey. How the Israelite’s prospered when they kept to the Holy Truth, and how God Most High protected them from all their enemies. Priceless,amen. To lose that connection or even to risk it, appalling,amen.


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