New Ideas

How we learn,ask a child,the past they tell you, this is what I learned. There isn’t enough money in the world, even though it can be printed night and day, the child continues, there is talk of hunger, but that is all price related too, the child knows, he goes shopping with his mother, has noticed her squirm, when she can’t afford things, leaves her depressed awhile, so the child notices, you continue to listen, as for Jesus, who really follows the words he used, the child shakes his head, example man, tell me where to find it the child asks.

Solomon sighed, in the store as he calls it, this can’t be real, the store, an emporium of chance, at least that’s the game, and a game is all it is. Those of light, and those who try to upset,the focus has to remain on the cash, others loss, the proverbial vacuum cleaner. Maybe these reminders, these emporiums, are a pointer to our addictions in general. The mind gets into a fixed state of being, what is in it for me, nothing, move on, amen. So and so won this, words spoken too loud, perhaps a number mentioned, perhaps there are those who believe in the mantra of repeat repeat,same as those taunts from Donald and co, amen.

can’t get it out of the head, where your kept most days, without ever noticing, locked in your head, and all those thoughts and ideas that camp safely in there. A crisis, your an expert at it,all those frightening blogs you read,enough to fill an encyclopedia, all in your head, and you wonder,where the new ideas come from,amen.

woe betide the treatment awaiting those, who try to harm the inner well being of anyone,amen.

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