As Jesus says, Blessed are those whose names are written in the book of the living…

The apostles come home, the seventy two sent out to spread the word come home, they tell Jesus, we commanded demons to leave and they left, the apostles themselves amazed at the power at their disposal, meanwhile Jesus tells them, to rejoice, your names are written in the book of the living, and not in the book of the dead. A woman who is amazed by his teachings, remarks, blessed is the mother that bore you, to which Jesus replies, blessed are those who hear the words of God and live by them.

Today, signs from outer space, unthinkable changes, and old prophecies coming through, what does it all mean in these days of chaos and global re engineering, where do you fit in, is there anything you can do to help your chances; eternal happiness or eternal doom, how do you prepare your Spirit,is there a clean up you can perform on yourself.

Tips from Isaiah, and other great prophets, a man turns back from his evil ways, puts on the clothes of righteous thought, many evil things the man would have performed, had he kept to his former ways, were cut off, once the man changed his ways, blessings flow, on account of it, where before evil ways would have continued, now actions from the former evil man, turn people towards God. It’s the 11th hour promise in other words, but it requires effort.

When you bring light into the life of others, you bring about great blessings, amen.

The plight of the current world; too attached to the material to give proper effort to your spiritual development. From the beginning,it’s all about choices, you decide. Those that put God first in their life,are often mocked, made to feel uncomfortable, they challenge conventional wisdom, man made wisdom, the more material things you have, the happier you ought to be, very true, if you have no Spiritual values, amen.

As the time moves on, 2,000 years later, signs in the sky, point to the great return. Old prophets of the bible, give us indications of what sort of signs will appear, to remind us, in order that we may prepare, if that’s your belief. The signs are appearing, will we listen to them, amen.

Spiritual leaders of today,ought to be anxious, have they prepared their flocks. Have they given up building private fiefdoms, have they come to their senses, as no one escapes death and judgement. All leaders today ought to be anxious, there are no safe havens from Judgement, only deeds, amen.

Helping your inner spirit, the influences that bring you down, not the everyday foibles we face,but those in your company, who work to undermine your inner well being, amen. Imagine how God will treat those, who actively worked to undermine, the well being of Spirit in others. From biblical times reading it was brutal what happened back them, the numbers stark, why were they even recalled you think, what does it matter. When understood in connection with the parables, what happened back then, was a reminder to all, that God Most High is the ultimate King, and what He decides does,amen.

In a nutshell, you can turn your life around today, amen. How does your actions play in the lives of others, are you aware of the power of Spirit, what finger print do you leave in the lives of others?. Preparing for an exam, you do your study for awhile, not the week before. But having thought about it first, you are more likely to follow through in your own way,amen.


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