SERVANTS, the topic of male female societal relationships is a hot topic in the life of Jesus. Hot in that, men and women were treasured equally, man didn’t lord it over woman, and woman didn’t lord it over men, equality in other words. So it was in those times, Jesus had men and women helping Him, and through the lives of women, Jesus told some of his most important parables,actually, all of them are important, but Jesus singled out women for special mention. The widow who gave the two bits in the temple is still remembered to this very day, as Jesus promised to his disciples way back then, lucky woman.

How will religions deal with equality in society today. In some parts, where extreme nationalism is the new religion, tolerance is not practiced, far from it. Yet, nature tells us, that there is newness everywhere, many options, not one.

Jesus and women, what will be the reaction to this, when the great return is complete,amen.

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