The noise from the press, the habits of Donald, all over it, hasn’t there been enough. Looking forward, the new leadership in Israel, would remind you of the state of affairs in Northern Ireland,before the peace,arch enemies who swore they would never get on, they put down the swords, began a harvest of Peace, so while those directly involved, might feel threatened by extreme leaning leaders; they are most often honest in their intentions, but their religion, if its true within them, will force them to listen to the words of Peace. If you encourage hatred of others, you harvest the hatred of others, not the life for your children to follow.

Solomon sighed, he’d had it on his mind awhile; there were those intent on harvesting hatred and they intended to grow extremely rich from it,they obviously didn’t understand the ways of the light. So many signs, verified by odd results, numbers too, and a huge number of other changes’; will anyone living ever forget 2020, or doubt the possibility, that it could happen again. Solomon recalled the words of Isaiah, if they turned towards God, how happy they would all be, amen.


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