The Fourth Wife Syndrome

Desolation,the carnage, what,thinking of others,with number four it’s hard to remember the name of the first, the leavings, he only walked out twice, did they make college, one of his ex’s had two children by another,how were they faring, was he expected to remember them, the number of birth days, you’d need a secretary, number four, much simpler. He will never go astray again, he made this promise so often, this time he is sure, as sure as all the other times. commitment, if it works out fine, who wants you to suffer. One last gamble, the current arrangement, wife number five, a little more exotic, earns money on the quite, has put thoughts into his head, he will go legit, this girl works, amen.

The weight some women carry, the inner kind, Solomon smiled, with all the signs,they will hopefully be treated better, amen. Destiny with the light, who can pass that app, amen.

Later,wife number six was very understanding; she met him on a prison visit, she being on the committee, he serving six for slavery, amen.


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