The Power in the words of the Prophet Isaiah

Isaiah was the prophet most often quoted by Jesus, amen. This fact alone should end all doubts, there is power in the words of the Prophet, why else, would Jesus refer to this man of God. In Isaiah’s words, God is all there is, and in his words, Isaiah tells us of God’s anger, even if temporary, and the drastic consequences of ignoring it, the word.

The opportunity to reclaim your position of safety in God’ s kingdom, should not be ignored. Isaiah reminds all, who listen, to turn to God, so that they can be healed. Is a world dominated by the material going to satisfy God Most High, will the exploitation of vulnerable people be considered wise action, in the face of the times we all live in.

The writer here,has encountered what many would have rejoiced at. The number of occasions he has been delivered, would require a list, and because it’s all real, there has been a determined effort to remind all and sundry, about the reality of God Most High. This is serious, and so are the consequences,of ignoring your divine inheritance, amen.

While false teachers will appear and confuse many, it’s written that this sort of thing will happen, so focus your thoughts on what is Spirit lifting, amen.

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