Domestic Abuse

Women, the world over, must wonder,why the subject of domestic violence has been shelved so often, as if it’s a normal part of life for many, which sadly, it is. A reasonable man or woman would wonder; if this affects those caught in the cross fire, and those are children mainly,why hasn’t the world woken up to it. Quite possibly, there are those is positions of power, who raise their hands in violence,towards those they live with, and since there are few reports of it, among the elite of society, they keep it private, little wonder why there has been such a long silence.

Rousseau the famous french thinker, argued that it was wisdom, to present to children, the reality of life, and then hope, that this awakening, would bring about, more enlightened souls. To figure out a solution is not easy, but the more we speak about it, and other injustices, the sooner we move, and begin to show a happier world. Fear of violence is awful, when it’s a member of your home, it’s living a prisoners life, will i be punished for that.

Open your hearts, the world is being reformed, leave the bad baggage behind, while the chance still exists. Signs from above, usually mean, it’s really serious, and in these times, no one living,can deny that; what were all going through,is life changing, make it positive, amen.

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