Peace in Palestine at last, a real possibility, said the two friends…

All over the world, Ahmed, they see it with their own eyes, and worse, they can even identify which building they want to demolish too, they even announce the fact, well says Aaron,his Jewish neighbor, they were trying to be understood, I suppose says Ahmed, who had two uncles in the bombed regions. From the rubble comes the phoenix says Ahmed, looking at Aaron with a bemused expression. What does that mean says Aaron. Ahmed looks at the sky, Dear God he screams, when will they use their wisdom for the right reasons other than for themselves. Aaron used to the outbursts of his dramatic pal, is stuck for words.

Pass me that rock will ya, their previous conversation gone like the proverbial smoke after the fire, Aaron passes a regular sized rock to his pal, who is trying to build a small wall around the wooden house they use for their fun house, the all welcome palace they call it, religion or race doesn’t matter, and no adults too, strange rules for children to come up with. They both appear to have serious misgivings about their parents attitudes, they see them as alien to friend making, and being mere children, it goes against all the rules of life.

A rabbi and an imam are walking together in Jerusalem, they pass the garden where the two friends are building their playhouse in. If only we could be like those children says the imam, you mean like Jesus says the rabbi, the imam looks at his friend in surprise, you are moving inside, that softens my heart, your not thinking an eye for an eye, miracles he sighs.

Their little stone wall, is two blocks high, about twelve inches, but it’s fairly level. The two architects in the making stand back and admire their creation. Meanwhile, the two spiritual teachers are still stopped at the pavement. Aaron turns around, do you see them he says to his school pal of Palestinian origins?, Ahmed throws his head into the air, and says, they are great when the trouble is made, why don’t they work to stop it, whatever. Nice work the two teachers say, then start to walk on.

Later that night, an angel of the lord comes to visit the rabbi. A tall dark body at the end of the bed, a massive frame, towers over the sleeping teacher, and says, I have a dream for you. The same night, the Imam, he gets the same visit too. Eight O’clock the next morning, they both decide to ring each other at the very same tIme, as they lift the reciever, they begin talking instantly to each other. I was just about to ring you, they both speak. The answer to our troubles, eureka the rabbi says, we have been visited by angels.

A week later, a work force of young persons of Palestinian descent and Israeli origin, form a new building group, and march for the occupied territories, tools in hand, to rebuild the demolished sites. In divided communities around the world, the young people pick up on the idea, it’s simple. There is too much baggage inside the older folks, they can’t forgive, so if we rely on them to bring peace, we will be waiting for ever, amen.

News correspondent for CNN, picks up on the feel good story. A new thought process is finding roots all over the earth. Ah, says the TV crowd, look look, the little boy trying to use a pick axe, his little eyes, two round dark spots from years of anxiety. It’s bigger than him says one reporter, but he’s not afraid to try,says another. Politician, famous for lobbying, and twisting the truth, is asked to comment on this new initiative. Another Greta he says, his tone of voice, very condescending. Who will pay for it he says out loud, as if appealing to his own supporters; he is never one to lose an opportunity to promote himself, all extremists do that too remarkably.

Did you not hear, says the CNN reporter, what says the politician, who is too busy, can’t stop looking at his watch. What, Off shore bank accounts, they are being taxed all over the world, the peace dividend, it’s the new Biden initiative. Did you not hear him, he wants to make up for all the illegal acts by the government of the United States, Biden says, we don’t want our youth burdened by the mistakes of the past. The politician snide, remarks, old guy, what does he know, thinks of his mother, poor man.

Meanwhile, the sight of construction workers renovating the neighborhoods that were recently bombed on both sides, has many sighing inside; peace at last in the middle east, amen.

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