Don’t you love school, the school bullies for one, the teachers who are not that enlightening, still, school, we all have to learn, and as pictures from the edge shows, Gaza in particular, to have a school at all, consider yourself, lucky.

Lessons, fifty million die in the second war, a large number, there has to be a lesson, it’s so far back, do we see the faces, or as a writer might say, so we just count the numbers and forget the victims.

The conflict in Jerusalem, is closely related to that great loss, it is no accident, that on the anniversary of the Nakba, the Palestinian eviction, there is tension, the hurt and the loss of family members is recalled, tensions, or the extremists trying to evict them again, amen.

We all need a home, and as they say in many parts of the world, the land owns you. So for people who walked these lands for a long time, to be evicted at all is hurtful. Add to the injury, it wasn’t even a local decision, foreign government intervention, mainly France and Britain, are at the root cause of it all, amen.

Adolf Hitler farmed hatred and resentment,the results for the world, catastrophic. Adolf didn’t learn hatred, he was following the thought process of those, who saw the superior race theory, mainly white, and then tried to implement it, it wasn’t his idea, Hitler was lead to it, by the hidden forces.

The lesson, why would we want to recreate that set of circumstances again, with the nuclear threat this time around, real. In those times, those making the armaments made fortunes, and there have been steady fortunes made since, apart from the burgeoning off shore cash scandal. With might force and stealth, we can get away with anything seems to be the thinking. The same thought process was entertained in the Time of Jesus.

So what have we learned. The effort to destroy the inner well being of a very nomadic people in nature has and is been attempted, in the land that Jesus lived in, all his life. Spaceships are not for everyone, we’d never fit in. But then again, if the world doesn’t nurture Spiritual wellness and real love, what are the long term prospects, given the timing now, when so much revelation has already delivered, worth considering, more than, your next illicit affair, amen.

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